Trustworthy, honest, reliable, responsive – our whole staff has a strong understanding of these values and works hard to meet our client needs at every stage of the production process.

Victor DaCruzPresident

In 1981, after gaining extensive technical experience in manufacturing through an in depth apprenticeship at Jacobs Chuck Manufacturing and completing courses in Manufacturing Engineering at Hartford State Technical College, Victor founded C&M Screw Machine Products with a partner. Since then he has taken full ownership, led the company through numerous changes and now, as DACRUZ Manufacturing, continues to focus on building a stable, reliable company that has an eye toward the future and the next generation.

Victor is a hands-on leader and leads by example—staying true to his word, being dedicated to client success, and supporting a culture of excellence and respect.

Victor DaCruz<span>President</span>

Kim FreimuthAccount Manager

Kimberly’s primary responsibility is to make sure our customers are always getting what they need. The custom nature of the work we do and our commitment to being responsive and accommodating means she is constantly looking for ways to adapt and improve the way we get things done. We do whatever we have to do to get the end result the customer wants and Kimberly is a main reason we can.

Kim Freimuth<span>Account Manager</span>

Lisa NollmanSales Engineer

Lisa uses her manufacturing and product design experience to solve problems and reduce non-value added time to get quality parts to our customers as soon as possible. She is driven to find a better way, and as a mechanical engineer, she is able to do so with expertise. Attention to detail is important to Lisa, which means your part is taken care of from the beginning to end of our process.

Lisa Nollman<span>Sales Engineer</span>

Parrish CastorDirector of Quality and Technology

Parrish takes every measure to ensure your quality needs are met. His responsiveness is what sets us apart from our competitors- no concern is too small. Parrish also oversees incorporating the latest in tooling technology at DACRUZ in order to ensure that your parts run efficiently and precisely how you need them. There are many hats worn at DACRUZ and Parrish’s main function is ensuring that Quality is achieved through reliable/dependable equipment and efficient processes.

Parrish Castor<span>Director of Quality and Technology</span>

Betty DaCruzChief Financial Officer

Betty makes certain the company is supported and stable financially. She works closely with customers and vendors to nurture healthy, mutually beneficial financial relationships. She is also responsible for maintaining banking relationships that allow the company to regularly upgrade equipment and improve capabilities when client projects or technological advances warrant.

Betty DaCruz<span>Chief Financial Officer</span>