CNC Swiss Machining

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Swiss CNC machining is a type of CNC turning used to create intricate and highly precise components that are small or have slender profiles. This machining method is cost-effective and has increased precision compared to other similar machining methods.

Swiss watchmaker Jakob Schweizer pioneered Swiss CNC machining. He invented the Swiss machine in the mid-19th century when he thought of the new approach of sliding parts along the longitudinal axis of a lathe instead of moving them up and down the tool post. Today, this process is used for more than just watchmaking.

DACRUZ Manufacturing uses Swiss CNC machining for medium-to-high complexity parts in medium-to-high volume production runs. Our technology produces precision components that serve the various machining needs of OEMs from different industries.

How Does Swiss CNC Machining Work?

Swiss CNC machining is achieved using Swiss CNC machines or Swiss-type lathes. This equipment produces tiny parts with optimum speed and accuracy. The process works by feeding bar stock through a guide bushing that supports the material as it is fed into the tooling area of the machine.

During Swiss CNC machining, the bar stock material is held tightly in place while only a portion of it enters the tooling area where it is machined. This helps the process ensure stability and precision. The tooling area is also where the CNC Swiss machine performs multiple operations simultaneously, such as turning and moving a workpiece back and forth along the Z-axis, while different tools cut away the material.

Swiss CNC Machining Capabilities

Aside from turning and moving a workpiece back and forth, the Swiss CNC machine allows processes like milling, threading, drilling, boring, and other custom processes to be performed quickly on the front or back of a part with little to no added time by eliminating the need of secondary operations. Here at DACRUZ Manufacturing, our 30+ Star Swiss and Tsugami machines are equipped with twin spindles and live tooling capacity to execute multiple machining processes, including the following:


Slotting is a cutting technique that uses our Swiss CNC machines. This process creates notches and grooves of varying depths and widths. Additionally, it is an essential step in making cylindrical components, like castle nuts and gear hubs.


This process is what we use to create holes through the middle of cylindrical components, like valves and connectors.


Our Swiss CNC machines are also capable of cross-tapping. This process is used for threading inside the holes to speed up the production of screws, nuts, and other threaded components.

Back Drilling

Our back-drilling process utilizes our Swiss CNC machines for better depth control and tolerance. This method involves redrilling a hole using a slightly larger bit to remove excess material and ensure the accuracy of the depth.

Applications and Benefits of Swiss CNC Machining

Swiss CNC machines are a critical piece of equipment for shops that manufacture a large volume of small components with a small margin of error. Some of the primary benefits of Swiss CNC machining include the following:

High-Precision and Tight Tolerances

The Swiss CNC machine firmly supports a workpiece next to the tooling operation throughout the machining process. This ensures that the parts remain steady and unaffected by the force of the tools. The support of the Swiss CNC machine on the workpiece also guarantees high precision within extremely tight tolerances.

Rapid Pace

The cycle time of a CNC Swiss machine is one of its impressive features because it is shorter than other types of CNC machines. For example, other CNC machines may require longer cycle times or secondary operations to machine a single component, while a CNC Swiss machine can produce complete parts in a shorter amount of time often times not requiring any secondary operation depending on the size and complexity.

Can Produce More Complex Parts

Thanks to the level of support a CNC Swiss machine has on the bar stock, it can create thinner walls, delicate features, and deeper cuts on the material, which cannot be achieved on other CNC machines.

At DACRUZ Manufacturing, we bring the benefits of Swiss CNC machining to the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical and dental
  • Military and defense
  • Oilfield and energy

Swiss CNC Machining at DACRUZ Manufacturing

DACRUZ Manufacturing offers Swiss CNC machining with the best repeatability and fastest turnarounds! We work with OEMs from various industries requiring high levels of precision in their components.

For over 40 years, DACRUZ Manufacturing has consistently provided precisely machined components. As experts in the field of machining, we are here to talk to you about any questions or machining challenges you may have.
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