Machining Manufacturing: The Backbone of Modern Industry

– Machining manufacturing is the process of shaping and finishing raw materials to create precise parts or components. This technique employs […]

Harnessing the Power of Swiss CNC for Unmatched Precision

– Click to Expand Swiss-style computer numerical control (CNC) is a precision machining technique used in manufacturing. It involves using CNC […]

Industries That Benefit From CNC Precision Machining

– Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is an automated production process for the high-speed creation of custom and complex parts. With […]

What is Multi-Axis Machining?

– Multi-axis machining is popular for manufacturers across various industries due to its speed, efficiency, and ability to create products with […]

Special announcement… we’ve gone solar!

– We’re excited to announce the installation of our 235KW solar system with over 900 panels producing almost 50% of DACRUZ’s […]

How the Pandemic is Accelerating Workforce Training

– For decades, manufacturers in the U.S. have warned of a massive skills gap: There just aren’t enough new skilled workers […]

Manufacturing Day 2020

– Manufacturing day looked a little different in 2020! We have been proud to participate in Manufacturing Day for the last […]

From Hairdressing to Manufacturing: A Success Story

– FEBRUARY 10, 2020 by Grace Gagnon Vanessa Rivera, who moved to the United States from Puerto Rico 6 years ago […]

How Champions Can Develop a Thriving Workforce

– 6/8/2020 Having a workforce development champion in your shop is more critical now than ever before. Here are five techniques […]

The Bottom Line is the Byproduct of Good Work

– 5/25/2020 | Victor DaCruz, owner of DACRUZ Manufacturing in Bristol, Connecticut, shares industry experiences and his perspective on PMPA.#pmpa [caption […]

Meet the New PMPA President, Victor DaCruz

– MEET THE NEW PMPA PRESIDENT, VICTOR DACRUZ In October 2019, at the Annual Meeting held at the Bellagio in Las […]