Sub-Assembly Services

Sub-assembly production involves combining components into one pre-built, high-performing unit that is then available for adding to a larger system. Sub-assemblies are unique to each customer and require a manufacturer with expertise in a wide range of capabilities to produce well. 

DACRUZ Manufacturing provides comprehensive sub-assembly services for large OEMs. We specialize in cost-effective, reliable solutions for sub-assemblies up to 2 1/2 inches in diameter, machining foundational components on-site.


Sub Assemblies

What is a sub-assembly? The term refers to the process of combining multiple components into one assembly for its later addition to a larger end item. Using sub-assembly manufacturing to produce larger end products shortens production times, lowers total production costs, and streamlines the manufacturing process. 

Sub-assembly works by first identifying the required small parts. Next, these parts attach together using various fabrication processes to form the completed sub-assembly. An OEM manufacturer then receives the finished unit to add to their own assembly line for integration into the larger end product. 

Sub-Assembly Benefits

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Sub Assemblies

There are numerous benefits to using sub-assemblies as part of a larger manufacturing process. Not only do sub-assemblies allow OEMs to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but they also serve as solutions when in-house capabilities are inadequate to complete high-quality, intricate assemblies. Many of the products OEMs produce are made up of hundreds or thousands of smaller components. Choosing sub-assembly for these elements enables fully functional, timely production. 

Some of the most significant benefits of sub-assembly include:

  •     Reduction in training needs. As sub-assembly separates the manufacturing process into smaller parts, workers are only responsible for one small portion of the process. This drastically reduces required training time.
  •     Cost reduction. Outsourcing parts of your process reduces the amount of manufacturing equipment you need to own. It also reduces your in-house labor costs. 
  •     One supplier for components. Save time and money getting everything you need from one source. Additionally, manufacturing can easily be scaled up or down to meet customer demands. 
  •     Quality assurance. With each employee specializing in a particular part of the product, that repeatability leads to greater experience and accuracy at every step. Also, each sub-assembly is thoroughly inspected and tested to meet all quality requirements. Compared to the traditional assembly line method of manufacturing, this results in greater quality control throughout the manufacturing process. 
  •     Significant time savings. Sub-assemblies create more efficient assembly lines with lower build times to produce the completed end product. When sub-assemblies are pre-built, products can get to market faster than ever. 

Value-Added Services

To provide customers with a single source for finished sub-assemblies, DACRUZ Manufacturing offers a full array of internal services and also sources any additional components, such as springs or wiring, or fabrication operations that are outside of our expertise. 

DACRUZ Manufacturing customers enjoy experienced sub-assembly manufacturing regardless of which fabrication methods or secondary services they require. In addition to our machining capabilities, we also offer a selection of value-added services, including the following sub-assembly examples:

  •     Heat treating. Heat treating metal components increases their durability and performance and can also create a protective barrier against corrosion for certain types of parts. During the treating process, metals heat to a specific temperature for a predetermined amount of time that varies based on the material. The metals are then cooled appropriately, such as in a water, oil, or gas quenching medium for materials that need to cool rapidly. 
  •     Grinding. Many hard materials require additional grinding to achieve precision and tolerances not achievable through other manufacturing methods. Many types of grinding are available depending on the needs of each application, including internal, external, and jig grinding. 
  •     Plating. This is the process of covering materials with another metal. Depending on the goals of the specific application, this process delivers benefits such as corrosion and wear resistance, material hardening, solderability, and more. Electroplating and immersion plating are two types of these services. 

Sub-Assembly Services at DACRUZ Manufacturing

For 40 years, DACRUZ Manufacturing has been a reliable source for highly complex precision components. Our sub-assembly services provide OEMs with cost-effective, consistent manufacturing solutions. We are ISO 9001 certified and utilize the fastest highly accurate quality control inspection equipment available.

Contact us to learn more about our services, or request a quote to get started on a solution today.