Multi-Spindle Machining

Multi-Spindle machining uses multiple spindles instead of a single spindle during the machining process to perform multiple tooling operations on a single workpiece simultaneously. Multi-spindle machines are ideal for primary operations for high volume, low-complexity parts as they deliver high levels of accuracy while reducing cycling times. 

At DaCruz Manufacturing, we work with OEMs in a range of industries requiring exacting specifications. As the leading precision manufacturing partner in the Northeast, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to solve our customer’s challenges at competitive prices.

Multi-Spindle CNC Screw Machining

Multi Spindle CNC MachineIn machining, the rotating unit of a lathe is called a spindle. The standard parts of a spindle include the shaft, bearings, and other components. In multi-spindle machining, several spindles with different tool heads are mounted to a rotating drum. As the drum rotates, it completes several operations at once to finish the component in a single pass.

Multi-spindle screw machines have shorter cycling times and higher precision because a large number of simultaneous tool operations are applied to the turning bar stock.

Advantages of Multi-Spindle Machining

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Multi-Spindle Machining

The following are some of the benefits of multi-spindle Machining:

  • Delivers several functions simultaneously: Multi-spindle machining offers a broad range of functions performed simultaneously. These include turning, drilling, slotting, knurling, cross-drilling, threading, and broaching.
  • Energy efficiency: Using fewer machines to achieve results that would typically require multiple machines leads to lower energy costs. Because multi-spindle machining delivers several functions at the same time, it will use less energy when compared to the number of single-spindle machines you would need to get the same results.
  • Reduced production times and costs: Multi-spindle machining produces a speedy cycle time by allowing for up to eight simultaneous operations. This enables us to complete the process quickly and efficiently to reduce machining costs. Multi-spindle CNC machines can also deliver speeds up to five times higher than a single spindle machine offers.
  • Increased capacity and productivity: Multi-spindle machining delivers increased capacity and shorter cycling times for high volume production. High-volume,multi-spindle machines can use up to eight stations to increase productivity and reduce the time needed to complete a component. Productivity can also be achieved by lowering the manning ratios of personnel to machines.
  • Consistently accurate results: Multi-spindle machines have higher accuracy and efficiency levels. High-volume, multi-spindle machines can hold tolerances down to 0.05mm on diameters. This guarantees that high precision is achieved even when creating small components. This also ensures easy maintenance of control practices because the machines deliver consistently precise products.

Multi-Spindle Machining Applications

Multi-Spindle PartsMulti-spindle machines can create a broad range of products at high volumes. Some of the most common applications for multi-spindle machining includes:

  • Bushings
  • Spacers
  • Bearings
  • Fasteners
  • Fittings
  • Inserts
  • Panel Screws 

Multi-Spindle Machining Services at DaCruz Manufacturing

DACRUZ Manufacturing delivers high and low-complexity parts for critical components and sub-assemblies. Our multi-spindle machines feature 6-spindle and 8-spindle with multiple capabilities, including turning, drilling, slotting, knurling, cross-drilling, threading, and broaching. We specialize in delivering quick turnaround and best-in-class quality for manufacturers across multiple industries. Contact us today or request a quote.